10 June 2009

Don't Feel Like Doing This Today...

Day was good.. Just a regular day, nothin happened.
Woke up tired, went to work and had my first meal at 6.
Iont thinks thas healthy.. But tomorrow, I'm thinkn bout
relieving some stress. I haven't done that in a while.
Really trying to hold off on that tho; I'm stuck..

No Playoffs tonight, so I'm searching for something to watch.
Prolly will start at the history channel or espn to see what's
on. I hope I can do the simple task of watching something interesting.

Really feel like rappin to a yungin tho.. I feel upto having
a conversation about nothing and forget about the shit
thas stressing me or what's on my mind. Could talk to this
one person, but she's being difficult as usual.. Don't know why, but
thas her. The only person who's stubborn that I'll deal with.
But not tonight, too tired..

Well I'm rappin, guess I'll end at this.

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