25 July 2009

Crazy Shots!

Iont know.. Sometimes I think these shots
are fake lls, but then I dont..
If they are real, they must have taken a lot of
time practicing and preparing fot this..

Take a look.

Post 200!

I've prolly should have made it to 200 huh? lls
but I am finally here. Another milestone for TiltedTongues..
Please keep following me and supporting..


Video: Big Sean - Getcha Some

one of my faves from UKNOWBIGSEAN..
if you wanna download.!

23 July 2009

Download: DJ Drama & Gucci Mane - The Movie Part 2

Welllll.. I think Ill be listening to this on my
way to work today lls.. Hopefully it tops the first
movie!.. Which had a lot of "bangers baby" lls.

1. Intro
2. Pressure ft. Woo Da Kid
3. Burr
4. Beat it Up Ft. Trey Songz
5. Hottest Rapper ft. Waka Flacka
6. Gucci Ft Shawnna, Nicki Minaj
7. Overboard Ft Oj Da Juiceman, Rock City, La The Darkman
8. BreakUp Ft Mario, Sean Garrett
9. Alot
10. Awesome Ft Snoop Dogg
11. Superhero Ft JMoney, Waka Flacka, Shawnna
12. Leading Lady
13. Mr.T
14. Aint Nothing Else To Do ft. Shawty Lo
15. Loud
16. Wasted RMX Ft Oj Da Juiceman, Plies
17. Waka Flaka - Let's Do It


18 July 2009

Click HERE for Download.!

Haven't listened to it yet, but hopefully it's a CD i can listen in
the truck while drivin around.. Bangers?, i Hope.

Kid Cudi @ Karmaloop

14 July 2009

Ight.. I Gotta..

..idea. I think I'll make a schedule! lls..
I haven't been really having time to blog or do other important shit.
[i be tired as hell from work joe.. lls..]
But tomorrow, I plan to write everything down and get back on my

If I wanna be a entrepreneur/ have my own business, I have to be
able to manage my priorities and responsibilities.. Might as well
start now.

This is like my 3rd time sayin I'll get on my shit lls.. but I guess
now I just have to show.. [actions are louder than words]

05 July 2009

Downloads: July 5th

Wale goes over one of my favorite Go-Go songs, Pretty Girls.! [DL]
Cam'ron - Cocaine Featuring Vado [DL]
Kid Cudi Tim Westwood Freestyle [DL]

thas all folks lls..
good day, time to get ready for tomorrow.., gone.

04 July 2009

Independence Day..

Mannn.. Day started off cool. Took my mother to my aunt house round 1
came back home, showered and chilled.. Left the house round 3 somethn
lookin for moves, on my way to a cookout. Got there, ate..
and thas it. lls..

Mother blowin the shit outta me.

but just gettin in the house now..
still sober, and without any moves!
now im watchin Dave Chappelle's Killin' Them Softly
[my shit lls..]

Hope everyone elses Holiday was nice..

I Want...

pretty, but don't gotta be the baddest
shorter than me or my height lls..
keep herself up [nails, hair, appearance]
one thas her own person
a yungin i can chill with.
we don't gotta go out all the time..
she can be my "weekend girl"..
funny, and a lady
aint scared of new things
one i can twist somethin with.. [that'll be tighttt]
but one thas honest and can tell me anything.
got her own money, and will spoil me lls..
[im not stingy with my money]

one that'll try to understand me..

i think thas it lls.. too much?