28 June 2009

My Weekend.

Yesterday was niceeeeeee... lls..
hot as shit, but the bait was out! so many yungins out
met up with my mans, seen a lot of old and new faces.
cool day.

this performance siced the shit outta my night lls..
then the premiere of the video? man what..
cool ass day, better night.

wonder what tomorrow will have in stored for me.

26 June 2009


Yea.. feelin like that again..
Ill fuck with this joint later..
Jhi tired, and thinkn.

Carribean Fest tomorrow.. Hope thats a good move.
Hope iont see anyone that'll blow me.

calling it a night.!

20 June 2009

Video: Big Sean MTV Interview

LLAMF; 56 Stars..

This teenage girl asked for 3 stars to be tattooed on her face
and woke up with 56? Thas crazy as hell lls..

Nike Dunk Hi Urban Haze/Baroque Brown

I'm feeling these a lot.. I like the colorway and would prolly cop.
What you think?

CRAZY.. Air Griffey Max 1

I slept on the other Griffey releases, but this colorway is just nice as hell..
Said to be released in the cold months of 2009!


ill up more photos later!

New @ Premier Skateboarding

[Click a pic!]


14 June 2009

Video: Lil' Wayne - Get Off The Corner

This used to be the shittt! Some old Wayne..

Video: Tracy McGrady - 13 Points in 33 Seconds.

My favorite basketball player, McGrady.
Take a peep of an old video, and look what he does! lls

Video: Birdman - Always Strapped [Remix] [feat. Lil Wayne & Mack Maine]

bounce bitch, bounce, bounce.. hahaha lls..


Been a little lazy the past couple days.. So I let other blogs
get to the news and new shit first lls.. =] But prolly later
TODAY, I may post some new shit to peep, download and to listen to.

I will also start to post more throughout the week..
TiltedTongues will be BACK.!

10 June 2009

Don't Feel Like Doing This Today...

Day was good.. Just a regular day, nothin happened.
Woke up tired, went to work and had my first meal at 6.
Iont thinks thas healthy.. But tomorrow, I'm thinkn bout
relieving some stress. I haven't done that in a while.
Really trying to hold off on that tho; I'm stuck..

No Playoffs tonight, so I'm searching for something to watch.
Prolly will start at the history channel or espn to see what's
on. I hope I can do the simple task of watching something interesting.

Really feel like rappin to a yungin tho.. I feel upto having
a conversation about nothing and forget about the shit
thas stressing me or what's on my mind. Could talk to this
one person, but she's being difficult as usual.. Don't know why, but
thas her. The only person who's stubborn that I'll deal with.
But not tonight, too tired..

Well I'm rappin, guess I'll end at this.

08 June 2009

Song of the Day..

Today slumd and no one made it better..
but I've been listenin to this the majority of the day.

Take a listen.

Almighty GloryUS

07 June 2009

Back Againnnn: The Producer, Jo A Makes Another Beat

I enjoy watchin work bein created. This dude is nice as shit at what he do!

Take a peep.!

06 June 2009

Video: Wale - Family Affair

this is my shittttt.. i think listen to this song about everyday on the train. take a peep at it!

Video: Wale @ Club 9:30

Video: Kid Cudi - Heaven At Night

Damnn this dude is climbin and climbin on my list of tops.. I like his music; it's so cool and I can relate to many of his lyrics.

Not new, but take a peep and listen to Cudi's, Heaven At Night..


04 June 2009

Tonight Is That Night!

Game one of the 2009 NBA Playoff Finals.

This year the finals feature, Kobe "The Black Mamba" vs. Dwight Howard, Orlando's "Superman"! Who will you go for? Will you believe in Magic like me or cheer for the LA Lakers as they fight for another ring? This series is bound to be a good one, with the NBA's best fighting for their dreams.

Tonight on ABC @ 9
Tune in and witness history..

Do you believe in Magic? lls..

Dwight Howard Vitamin Water Commercial lls..

DUNKXCHANGE x Washington Dc

Dunkxchange will be coming to our nation's capital, Washington DC on June 7th. If everything goes well, I will be attending. 11$ for attendance.

Bravo Bravo
1001 Connecticut Ave NW # Ll1
Washington, DC 20036

[click the pic to visit dunkxchange for more info]

01 June 2009

Video: Kanye West feat. GLC & Consequence - Spaceship

hittin ya wit somethin new before i head to work =]
one of my favorite Kanye songs, Spaceship. 
now i just wish that i had a spaceship