29 August 2009

Rest In Paradise, DJ AM

it's crazy how everyone is leaving us this year..
prayers go out to family, friends, and fans.

23 August 2009

08 August 2009

This nigga 50 is a fool.. but a nice remix and video to the song Touch me.
Thought he'd have more lines tho. Still good..

another rich nigga.. lmaooo

Video: Soulja Boy - Where You Get Them At?

this nigga has money like shit! lmao

04 August 2009

Blue Print 3 Cover

Damnn.. i guess im gettin all the covers today lls..
but the cover to a cd im lookin forward to.

take a look

-run this town.. is my shit!
joint with kanye and rihanna..

How Fly Cover!

Wiz tweeted it earlier.. take a look!

tightttttt! lls