31 May 2009

Video: Sneaker Pimps In Miami


as seen on NiceKicks..

Video: Footlocker - It's A Sneaker Thing

Lmaooooo Killl..... This is how I feel sometimes, but iont take it this far lls..

Man oh Man..

Tomorrow's monday, the start of my workin summer..
Not complaining, but there is so many things i wanna do
and working will take most of the time i do have.

Because I'll be workin that means TiltedTongues may
be blank for a few. =] lls but I will make sure to post when i can.

Although I was blessed with this job, I'm not settling.. My mans told
me about this job that pays great, just gotta get my shit clean. So if
all goes well, money will be flowing quite nice lls.
Might even fade gettin two jobs..

30 May 2009

Nike Blazer x Nike Air Force 1 Hybrid

Nike has been releasing a number of hybrids in the past year or two.
Some I'd rather not mention lls.. And others are atleast decent.

But take a peep at this new hybrid Nike has to offer..

They contain an Air Force 1 upper and a Blazer sole..

not really a fan of hybrids and fusions but i would like to see these in another colorway..
may be a nice cop for the summer.! stay posted for release dates and etc.

26 May 2009

Air Jordan III - The Re-Retro of The True Blues

Retroed in 2001, the True Blues were a "must cop".
Unfortunately I loafed lls.. But Releasing In August 2009
they will be re-retroed. Containing true blue accents and
elephant print, the shoe is made up of mostly leather..

Won't loaf on 'em again..

25 May 2009

Stussy: New Drops!

Take a look, Click a pic.!

Video: DyMe-A-DuZiN - I Hate High School

lls.. true shit..

Video: Reed Dollaz - Freestyle On Batcave Radio

Video: Rick Ross - Rich Off Cocain Ft. Avery Storm

this my shit...

Video: The Clipse & Kanye West - Kinda Like A Big Deal [Behind The Scenes]

Nike Total Max Uptempo

As seen so far, Nike brand will be releasing more retro's of older,
popular shoes.Now we have another shoe to add to that list, the 
Nike Total Max Uptempo's.The shoe will be released in the 
Black/ Volt colorway. Made of mostly leather, the shoe also 
contains nubuck on the toe box and the lacing tabs.. 

Release date is sometime in July, Priced at 160$

Take a look.!

another must cop for the summer!

23 May 2009

Toro Bravo!

Today is the release of the much anticipated Jordan Package.
Price tag about 310$

Man is that red growing on me..

will you cop?

22 May 2009

Alife Rivington Club

Alife launches a new site.
Check it out..

click the pic..

How to Clean Your Shoes

Crazy as hell.. I was cleaning my Jordan Old Love New Love's yesterday..
but I came across this video on NiceKicks. Take a look..

please don't be ignorant..

Charles Hamilton.. LLS

First they battle.. And thennn...
[Watch lls.]

Jordan V - Dark Army Colorway

May release sometime in June..
If money's in my hand, I might cop.

21 May 2009

Premier Skateboarding: Summer Releases

May can fade the Nike Air Structure's.. Feeling the color way.
[Gotta love that color purple lls.]

[Click a pic.!]


Stussy: Limited Edition Stussy Neon Tee's

Six color ways, costing around 35$
Get em quick, limited edition.

[Click pics]

Video: Young Priest - Closer [Freestyle]

Don't normally do this, but lately I have been thinkn

Peep my mans Young Priest, all off the top of his head.

joint actually goes..

Video: Wiz Khalifa - Freestyle On Crack Distributors Radio

Video: Beyonce - Ego


So today was my last day a Morgan State University.
I'm happy as hell to have made it passed my first year of college.
Learned a lot, more out of class, than in, but it's been an experience.

Favorite 3 things while being there..
  • Sight Seeing.. lls [Yungins]
  • Chillin with my mans
  • Living and Enjoying life for free!
but what's the move for the summer?

  • Blogging
  • Chillin
  • Mulah
  • Shoppin
  • More chillin =]
  • Travel
cant think of anything else..
What else should I do? Add comments and suggestions.

Video: U-N-I - Land of Kings [Behind the Scenes]

19 May 2009

Video: The Pack - Hoes In This House

them Polo shorts mean as shit..

Video: Rick Ross - Cigar Music ft. Masspike Miles

song goes, in my opinion.. smooth as hell.

Sooner Or Later..

I have not forgotten about Tilted Tongues.. Just a lot of shit I need to do
before going back home. Last couple of days have been straight as shit.!
Matter of fact all last week was good. Sooo many in rotation man..
But as I prepare to leave this dry ass campus I think about all the shit I will
miss.. From the females to the green, my mans on that "Downbottom shit" lls
But I am happy to make it passed my first year of college and I am ready as
hell for the next semester..

We gonna get it in!

But I, Howard Williams, will be back and posting in a few.
Just give me some time..