21 May 2009


So today was my last day a Morgan State University.
I'm happy as hell to have made it passed my first year of college.
Learned a lot, more out of class, than in, but it's been an experience.

Favorite 3 things while being there..
  • Sight Seeing.. lls [Yungins]
  • Chillin with my mans
  • Living and Enjoying life for free!
but what's the move for the summer?

  • Blogging
  • Chillin
  • Mulah
  • Shoppin
  • More chillin =]
  • Travel
cant think of anything else..
What else should I do? Add comments and suggestions.


  1. u should get a job and then hook me up wit one lls.
    but i think as freshman u deff learn more out of class than in class.
    and on the serious note u should travel cuz the world is so much different outside of the "dmv"

  2. Sounds like you got the right idea son. You goin back to MSU next fall?

  3. hahaha.. if i find one, i got you.
    but yea, def. learned more outta class, good
    experience tho..

    and i really wanna go on a road trip with friends.. so much shit im not seeing here, gotta get out.
    yessir, i plan on comin back. if they let me lls.
    but do i get to see you next semester? lls