29 September 2010

Nike SB Zoom Omar Salazar - “Night Fall”

Something About These Caught My Attention..
Fuck With Them.

Release Later This Year..

26 September 2010

Video: Trademark The Skydiver ft. Curren$y - J.E.T.S.

Trademark The Skydiver ft. Curren$y - J.E.T.S. from Creative Control on Vimeo.
Just Enjoy This Shit...

Pilot Talk 2 Coming Soon

I Think I'm Cheech.. Lls
Forreal Tho...
This Is How I Plan To Live
Really Soon.. 

22 September 2010

Event: Pac Div Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet With Pacific Division @ CommonWealth

Tuesday, September 28th

05 September 2010

Video: Wiz Khalifa - In The Cut

Visuals For My Fav Track Dropped Today..
And I Prolly Fucked Your Bitch Nigga

Fools Jumpin Off Roofs And Shit Hahaha..

04 September 2010

The Fuck I'm Doin?


I'm Bouta Fuck With This Joint..
Back From Vaca, Just Started School

New Posts Comin Soon..