22 September 2009

Cool Ass Day!

Yesterday, I celebrated my 19th birthday.
Jhi happy as shit I finally turned 19 lls.. But
I spent time with my mans and chilled with friends.
No classes.. [well I didn't attend any lls. smh]

Prolly was too fried to remember everything tho lls.

Had fun and I'm thankful!
For God and the ppl that made my day.

20 September 2009

Well I'm Prolly Late.. Lls

But I'm just seeing Stussy's new website.
Joint is on the one forreal, forreal lls and there
line up is nice too. Seen a couple things I wanna cop.

08 September 2009

Are You Serious?

Air Jordan Fusion 13 Black/Red

Iont know if it's just me, or what.. But I never liked
any of the Jordan x Air Force I fusions, other than
the 9's. Jordan Brand and Nike released another
dissapointment in my opinion, of the Jordan 13's.

Take a look ..


07 September 2009

Well... It's about that time.

I think I finally got everything where I want them to be.
And if their not, I'm cool with that too..
But I'll prolly be blogging more. Tryna get
a schedule or something that'll help me plan out my
day so I can have more time for doin this and
other important things..